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What is the NFT Social Media

Welcome! You are viewing the document designed specifically for a brief introduction to Indigos. It represents an explanation of existing of the IT product. Most of the most important questions are answered in it. What Indigos is, why and for what reasons it exists, the problems it solves, and the tools it uses are all discussed in the document. You don't have to be afraid of a lot of text since the content has a clear structure as key abstracts and ideas are highlighted to save you time. Have a nice trip!

This content carefully avoids complex language, technical aspects, and terms, but it also assumes that you are already familiar with concepts such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralization, Web3, and NFT (non-fungible token) at a user level.


The first NFT originally surfaced in 2014, a few years before it gained widespread recognition, and the crypto community utilized it simply because they thought its idea was sound. In recent years, NFT has gained popularity, but just like any other newly released technology, it takes time for it to stabilize and normalize after a huge surge. We can speed up this process if we know the consequences of the huge popularity explosion that NFT and the Web3 community have experienced. Indigos will assist us in overcoming new emerging problems and hindrances.

What Indigos Is?

Indigos - is NFT Social Media or Social Network for NFT collectors. It includes all classic elements of any other popular social platform: avatars, messages, profile captions, posting, likes, subscribe features, and comments as well as tools for searching and filtering content. In contrast to the classic social media login system it doesn't use email, or phone number as points of trust, but instead users use their blockchain wallets to sign up or log in. On Indigos, the blockchain community has direct interaction with each other by using wallets. The next distinction is that it's a dedicated platform for professional NFT collectors, holders, and people who are loved by the technology. Here they share unique, non-fungible tokens that represent digital assets such as art, music, videos, gaming items, and virtual real estate which they managed to obtain or create. Also, as long as the user stays logged in, he or she can use all available blockchain functionality provided by the network they use, for example, direct money transferring and smart contract interaction right from the app.

Key abstracts:

  • Allows for direct interaction with other blockchain users
  • Uses blockchain wallets for sign-up and login
  • Dedicated platform for NFT collectors
  • Any network-provided blockchain functionality is available

What are the Problems We Face?

New crypto services continue to emerge, well-known corporations continue to integrate this technology into their businesses, and the existing ones are still functional and well-maintained. After a strong explosion in the popularity of NFT technologies, they began to appear in every area of our world which is great. But also there appeared new problems that we didn't have before and Indigos is made to shut them down.

  • Strong explosion in the NFT popularity
  • Emerge problems that we didn't have before
  • Dedicated platform for NFT collectors
  • Indigos provides solutions

Classic social networks are crowded with Web3 users

Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and other well-known platforms are crowded by Web3 users trying to show their crypto assets in every possible way. Some of them are spamming by sending direct messages to users who are not in Web3 party. And it's not because Web3 people are bad, they are definitely not! They just don't have other options. In the best case scenario to unite and communicate, enthusiastic are creating a lot of channels and groups whereas others need to join all of them to stay together. They don't have their own place, it even sounds terrible, but it's the harsh reality of the Web3 community.

  • Some users spam other users
  • Best case scenario involves creating multiple channels and groups
  • Web3 community lacks a dedicated space

Popular social platforms face challenges in introducing NFTs

Many popular social platforms including Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter try to stay on top of the latest game-changing technologies. So they decided to be a part of the NFT party by injecting some functionality despite the fact that a bigger part of their users is still a classic Web2 audience, and some of them even don't have any understanding of what NFT is. In this way, Instagram is developing a digital collectibles feature, while Reddit releases its own NFTs with the ability to use them as profile avatars. Reddit motivates users to buy its NFTs because of exclusive designs like glow animation available only for owners of these NFTs. As Reddit does, Twitter is attempting to offer a sort of similar feature. But companies can't ignore the fact that some people prefer not to engage in crypto, and their applications weren't designed for the blockchain area initially.

Key abstracts:

  • Classic social media were not originally designed for use with NFT technology
  • Many of their users do not understand NFTs
  • Some of their users are not interested in engaging with cryptocurrency

Integration of NFT into classic social media does not work well

Afraid of missing out on new business opportunities and losing out to competitors they must strike a balance between the crypto and classic audiences while meeting the needs of each. Created NFT integrations of old platforms don't work as they have to. Most of them are in the testing phase, and some aren't compatible with some devices or operating systems. Not only that but also the NFT integrations that already exist don't cover the basic needs of the average nft collector. NFT technology has taken big companies by surprise the fact drives them to confusion. For such a massive program like Twitter or Instagram, it's challenging to veer off course from its original purpose - a classic Web2 social network platform. In addition to this, NFT audience can't ignore the fact that a bunch of features of dubious quality were created by tech companies just to boost revenue while the hype spreads, and they have no plans to help the crypto community or support those features for years to come.

Key abstracts:

  • Social media platforms are exploring NFT integrations to stay competitive
  • A lot of NFT integrations do not work as intended and compatible with not all devices
  • Many NFT collectors find them unsatisfactory
  • Large, old platforms are hard to change
  • Features not designed to support the crypto community in the long term

NFT Integration annoys ordinary users

While NFT collectors and creators enjoy at least some attention from the media platforms many users of those platforms are annoyed by NFT integrations, they don't understand why some of the features on Reddit, Twitter, or Instagram are available only for people who use cryptocurrencies. It breeds enmity between two categories of users. Everything has gone so far that Valve has made a decision to avoid the whole industry of NFT by banning blockchain, crypto, and NFT games from Steam. Possibly Tim Sweeney tweeted this “We aren't touching NFTs as the whole field is currently tangled up with an intractable mix of scams, interesting decentralized tech foundations, and scams”.

Key abstracts:

  • NFT integrations on social media platforms have caused tension and confusion among users
  • Due to the effect on classic users, some big companies are banning NFT technology

There are many issues

There are listed only more obvious problems and it's already enough, but the list can go on for a very long time. It is a chain reaction in which some problems give rise to others, and others give rise to others, and so forth. Obviously, it would be impossible to cover all of them at once, but the chain reaction of problems works so perfectly and in reverse. Indigos gives the first resolving push.

Key abstracts:

  • There is a chain reaction of problems
  • The first resolving push is given by Indigos

Solving the Web3 Space Challenges by Giving the Benefits

Indigos is committed to addressing the key challenges and limitations of the Web3 space listed in the section "What are the problems we face?" As the first social network specifically designed for non-fungible tokens (NFT) collectors, it has the potential to drive the future of NFT collectibles. This part of the text will show you how Indigos enhances the area of digital asset collecting by exploring the benefits.

Key abstracts:

  • The aim is to address Web3's challenges
  • Indigos is the first NFT social media platform

Making classic social media less crowded with Web3 users

By providing a dedicated platform for NFT fans, we reduce the concentration of Web3 users on classic social networks and create a more balanced, diverse ecosystem. Briefly, It does the following: provides a more personalized and engaging experience for digital collectors, tailors to their needs and interests, enables them to collaborate with each other more easily than on classic social media which are not intended for this. To reduce the concentration of the Web3 community in ordinary places, Indigos just gave them a better option.

Key abstracts:

  • Providing a better option to reduce the concentration of Web3 users on ordinary social media platforms
  • Reducing creates a more balanced, diverse ecosystem

Great NFT integration

Unlike ordinary social networks like Instagram or Twitter, which simply imitate NFT functionality, Indigos as being dApp, provides a great experience for Web3 people because it's have been initially designed especially for NFT holders, considering all their whims and needs. There are mechanisms for verifying the ownership of NFTs and enforcing the rights of NFTs. Indigos doesn't provide a way to publish basic digital content, it's important because users are always sure all published digital assets are NFTs, and the ability to view detailed information about each item published in the user's feed confirms that.

Key abstracts:

  • Indigos tailoring needs and interests of NFT Collectors
  • Mechanisms for verifying the ownership of NFTs and enforcing their rights
  • Indigos only allows the publishing of NFTs
  • It's a decentralized application (dApp), which provides additional benefits compared to ordinary social networks

Indigos is the central point of NFT fans

Indigos offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in NFTs. The platform can become the central place for all NFT collectors, fans, and holders. After Indigos has been created there is no need for them to use different social platforms to find like-minded people. A mix of great NFT integration and basic social features could help to foster a stronger and more engaged community of NFT collectors and provide valuable resources and opportunities for these individuals.

Key abstracts:

  • For NFT collectors no need to use other social platforms
  • Indigos is a must-visit destination for them

The NFT social network is better than NFT marketplaces

Indigos is a more community-focused approach than marketplaces. It's built around the idea of fostering connections and building a sense of community among NFT collectors. This can be a great way to engage with the NFT market on a deeper level. Having social metrics like comments, likes, followers, etc. gives the collector the opportunity to become an influencer in the NFT competition. Holders' auditory, or a group of followers and fans, can be a valuable asset for NFT collectors. Having an auditory can provide a number of benefits, including the ability to gain recognition and credibility within the NFT community, and the opportunity to build a personal brand and reputation as an NFT collector. Furthermore, functions of communication will help commit deals more transparently, and faster without the need to use another application, but of course, they have such an option.

Key abstracts:

  • Indigos is a more community-focused approach than NFT marketplaces.
  • Opportunity to build a personal brand and reputation as an NFT collector
  • Fostering connections allows perceiving the NFT market on a deeper level
  • Power of combining social and marketplace functionality


Taking everything into consideration, the application combines two well-known and tested inventions: a social network and a non-fungible token (NFT). This combination of technologies creates a unique platform that has the potential for success in the business world by resolving main problems. By leveraging the popular and familiar people approach of social networks, Indigos can attract a large user base and establish itself as a valuable resource for NFT collectors to connect and interact with others while also buying and selling unique digital assets.

Keeping up with the world's evolving technology and staying tuned is your best way to not miss game-changing opportunities. Hope you found the content informative and thought-provoking. Thank you for your time!