How to Sell Your NFT Assets on the Social Platform

Hello! If you are here then most likely you have an NFT, Congratulations! But do you think that it doesn’t need to belong to you anymore? This a common situation for any NFT Collector. So, let’s figure out which options you have, which one is the best for your case, and how the social network for NFT collectors can help you.

Ways to Find Your Buyers

The first step is to find people for which your asset will be really interesting. In the beginning, try to use the search input with the name of your collection to find NFT collectors who have the same NFT collection as you do. Don’t be afraid to leave your offer in the comment section or contact data if it’s specified by the post author. There is a high chance that they will buy your asset to expand their own collection.

Another way is to search by keywords and phrases like “ready to buy”, “will buy”, “I buy” or just “buy”. And of course, the most obvious way to find buyers of your NFT assets is by creating NFT publications with descriptions of your offer. Use a little bit different approaches depending on the kind of NFT you have. Try to find game fans if your asset is game NFT or if you have music, then search for fans of the music genre the track or song is. In the same way, you can use it for video and images. Also, don’t forget to ask around among your friends or fellow collectors.

What are the Benefits of Selling NFT on Indigos?

Indigos is the social network of NFT Collectors. It has a very friendly and familiar user interface as popular classic social networks like Instagram or Twitter have. The distance is that on Indigos you publish your NFTs instead of traditional digital content. The greatest and most pleasant thing about social networks is that you interact with people, connect and see feedback from them. So yeah, I think you’ve got the point. Many people which use Indigos are passionate about NFTs as technology, they are ready to get new NFT items just because they like them and without the intention of making money on them. But nobody can forbid you to use it as a powerful marketing tool for selling your NFT assets.

With Indigos you can even become a celebrity in the world of NFT collectibles, just evolve your personal profile, be unique, be honest with your fans, and engage the community and you’ll get success as NFT Collector.

How to Create a Post That Sells Your NFT

Now you're ready to announce that you want to sell some of your NFTs. Follow the easy steps below to publish your selling post.

  • Connect your wallet by clicking on “Connect Wallet” button.
  • Select the account of your wallet you wanna be logged in then click “Log in”.
  • Go to create post page and choose your NFT. If you wish to attach more than five NFTs, please split the post into several posts.
  • Don’t forget to indicate that the NFTs you have attached are for sale. Specify your price, tell why you wanna sell these items, and leave your contact data like Twitter, Email address, phone number, etc. You also can leave a link on opensea, rarible, or other marketplaces if you have listed your items there.


So, In this article, you get some tips on how to find your potential NFT buyers, how you can interact with them, and which benefits you have by using the social network. And the last piece of advice for you, try to get NFTs, not because of the hype or the desire to earn money, but simply because you like them and you will have the best collection in the world!